Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: The Star Garden by Nancy Turner

In Book 3 of Nancy Turner's novel, I found my self feeling sad and a lot of time wondering why I continued reading it.  So much of this book is repetition from the two previous novels, that I grew weary of reading the same things over again.  Honestly, I think the series would have been much better if it ended with Book One, "These is My Words."

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
In this stunning sequel to the tale begun in These Is My Words and continued in the beloved Sarah's Quilt, pioneer woman Sarah Agnes Prine is nearing bankruptcy. After surviving drought and the rustling of her cattle in winter 1906, Sarah is shocked when her son brings home a bride who was slated to become a nun. Meanwhile, neighbor Udell Hanna is pressing for Sarah to marry him. Then a stagecoach accident puts Sarah in the path of three strangers, who will forever change her life....
RATING - 2 1/2 STARS  - It was OK

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