Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Sarah's Quilt by Nancy Turner

As much as I loved "These is My Words", Nancy Turner's Book 1 of this trilogy, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in Sarah's Quilt, Book 2.  I realize that during this time in history there was a lot of sadness and struggle to make a life in the Arizona Territories, but I just didn't feel the connection to the characters as I did in Book 1. 

With regards to the water witch, I thought that was all a little weird.  Oh, not that there was one, but just the ending with regards to his character.  To me this made his whole character seem unbelievable even though they did exist during that time in history. 

The third book, The Star Garden is the last book in this trilogy and I will read it, hoping that the style of writing is more like that in Book 1.  I loved Sarah's character and I'm excitied to become engaged, once again, in her life story.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
In These Is My Words, Sarah Agnes Prine told the spellbinding story of an extraordinary pioneer woman and her struggle to make a home in the Arizona Territories. Now, in this mesmerizing sequel, a three-year drought has made Sarah desperate for water. And just when it seems that life couldn't get worse, she learns that her brother and his family are trapped in the Great San Francisco Earthquake. A heartwarming blend of stubbornness and compassion, Sarah Agnes Prine will once again capture the hearts of readers everywhere.

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