Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: These Is My Words by Nancy Turner

"These is my Words" is a epic story encompassing the life a a girl/woman from 1881-1901.  It is written in the form of a journal and is deeply moving and yet really treats the reader into a glimpse of life in the Arizona Territories. 

The main character, Sarah, is smart, stubborn, and hard working.  I loved that she was a strong female that stood up for what is right despite her circumstance and kept fighting through tough times.  The relationship between she and Jack was enduring, and I laughed out loud at their bantering.  Sarah's true self is exposed in her written word and it was amazing how 112 years later, it isn't much different than how women think and feel today. 

This is a great story and one of my all time favorites.  This is a great choice for any reader to take a look back in history and the lives of women blazing the frontier.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
A moving, exciting, and heartfelt American saga inspired by the author's own family memoirs, these words belong to Sarah Prine, a woman of spirit and fire who forges a full and remarkable existence in a harsh, unfamiliar frontier. Scrupulously recording her steps down the path Providence has set her upon—from child to determined young adult to loving mother—she shares the turbulent events, both joyous and tragic, that molded her, and recalls the enduring love with cavalry officer Captain Jack Elliot that gave her strength and purpose.
Rich in authentic everyday details and alive with truly unforgettable characters, These Is My Words brilliantly brings a vanished world to breathtaking life again.

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