Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Rush Home Road by Lori Lansens

Lori Lansen's novel "Rush Home Road" was a very slow read.  I did like the characters but found everything to be in slow motion.  The ending was a bit odd and left you to wonder the outcome for this little girl.  This novel is an OK but with the amount of "Great" reads, I wouldn't suggest wasting your time.

When 5-year old Sharla Cody is dumped on the doorstep of Addy Shadd, a 70-year old woman living in a trailer park, Addy does not know how completely her life is about to change. She's hardly used to company and the troubled Sharla is not the sweet, beautiful angel she had envisioned. Over time, Addy and Sharla form a bond that neither of them expected-and Sharla begins to undergo a transformation under Addy's patient and loving care. But much to Addy's surprise and dismay, Sharla's presence brings back memories of her own tumultuous childhood. As she reminisces about her days growing up in Rusholme, a town settled by fugitive slaves in the mid 1800s, she remembers her family and her first love and confronts the painful experience that drove her away from home, never to return.
Brilliantly structured and achingly lyrical, this beautiful first novel by the award-winning author of The Girls tells the story of two unlikely people thrown together who transform each other's lives forever.


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  1. I disagree with at least 3 of the four sentences of this reviewer's opinion. I'll take it sentence by sentence, not repeating, but debating, what's written already.

    1. I can't remember the last time I read a book of a similar number of pages in less time.

    2. I also loved the characters and cared deeply about them, but thought things moved along at a fine pace in almost every chapter.

    3. I thought the ending was perfect, and I can't understand how there was any doubt at all as to what would happen to the little girl, neither in terms of who would care for her, nor how well they would care for her.

    4. In my opinion, reading "Rush Home Road", far from being a waste of time, was an extremely worthwhile experience. If I had to describe it with one adjective, it would be 'luminous', which is what I most desire my own writing to be.

    Kudos to Lori Lansens, and my thanks for story that is both beautiful in itself, and beautifully written.