Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim

"Yellow Crocus" is an amazing novel by first time author, Laila Ibrahim.  "The greatest social change often blooms from personal acts of love."

Love, love, loved this story; the characters, the descriptive detail of the emotion and love spoken between a "mother" and a child.  Although, Mattie was not her birth mother, she was a mother to Lisabeth, and, despite the difference in race, they formed a strong bond that would last a lifetime. 

You must put "Yellow Crocus" on your "TO READ LIST", it is an amazing opportunity to see the courage it takes to stand up for what is right, despite popular opinion.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
Moments after her birth to the mistress of a sprawling Virginia plantation, Lisbeth Wainwright is entrusted to Mattie, an enslaved wet nurse. From then on, Mattie serves as Lisbeth's stand-in mother, nursing her, singing her to sleep, and soothing her in the night. And yet mothering Lisbeth tears Mattie away from her own baby, Samuel, who lives in the slave quarters. Growing up under Mattie's tender care, Lisbeth adopts her traditions of prayer, singing, eating black-eyed peas, and hunting for yellow crocuses in the spring. As the years pass, Lisbeth is drawn back into the white world, earning a growing awareness of the inequality of her and Mattie's stations. She struggles to reconcile her love for Mattie with her parents' expectations for her future, intent on keeping the best of both worlds-until a terrible betrayal forces her to choose once and for all. Yellow Crocus is a compelling novel of love, loss, and redemption set during one of the most sinister chapters of American history.


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