Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Slow Way Home by Michael Morris

Slow Way Home is a great depiction of the life of a child in midst of the legal system due to emotional abuse.  The characters are rich and I love the Christian influence on his life.  The author did an excellent job revealing the anger and hurt this little boy endures through the maze of being shuffled between a neglectful mother, the foster system and the love of his grandparents.  

This book will give you much to think about and is great for book club discussions.  Very sad at times but also triumphant.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
On the surface, Brandon Willard seems like your average eight-year-old boy. He loves his mama, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and G. I. Joe. But Brandon's life is anything but typical.
Wise beyond his years, Brandon understands he's the only one in this world he can count on. It's an outlook that serves him well the day his mama leaves him behind at the Raleigh bus station and sets off to Canada with "her destiny" — the latest man that she hopes will bring her happiness. The day his mother leaves, Brandon takes the first step toward shaping his own destiny. Soon he sends himself spending pleasant days playing with his cousins on his grandparents' farm and trying to forget the past. In the safety of that place, Brandon finally is able to trust the love of an adult to help iron out the wiry places until his nerves are as steady as any other boy's.
But when Sophie Willard shows up a year later with a determined look in her eye and a new man in tow, Brandon's grandparents ignore a judge's ruling and flee the state with Brandon. Creating a new life and identity in a small Florida town, Brandon meets the people who will fill him with self-worth and self-respect. He slowly becomes involved with "God's Hospital," a church run by the gregarious Sister Delores, a woman who is committed to a life of service for all members of the community, black and white, regardless of some townsfolk's disapproval.


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