Friday, March 15, 2013

Review: Eve's Daughters by Lynn Austin

In Lynn Austin's, Eve's Daughters, you become so enchanted and consumed by their life stories that you don't want the novel to end.  The character development is amazing and though each woman is her own person, with varied personalities I loved each of them.  Their blessings. dreams, resilience, strengths and struggles are so relatable that Ms. Austin gives us a vision into the life of a woman, for we are all Eve's daughters.

This is a very well written Christian novel, one that their beliefs are a part of their story but not unrealistic and fluffy by any means.  In my opinion, everyone would love this story regardless of their faith or lack there of.

Brenda, thank you so much for recommending this book, it is a treasure.  
Great historical fiction and a story that I will always remember.  

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
Yearning for love and dignity, four generations of women must come to grips with the choices they've made--and those their mothers made before them. But breaking the cycle that has ensnared them over the decades will prove more difficult than they had ever imagined...
Eighty-year-old Emma Bauer has carefully guarded a dark secret for more than fifty years. But when she sees her granddaughter's marriage beginning to unravel, Emma realizes that her lies about her own marriage have poisoned those she loves most. Can she help her granddaughter break free of a legacy of wrong choices? Or will she take her secret--and her broken heart--to the grave?
With honesty and compassion, author Lynn Austin weaves a compelling story of four unforgettable women--their struggles, their crises of faith, their triumphs.


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