Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Where Am I Wearing? by Kelsey Timmerman

Sometimes you read a book that is so boring you can't find much if anything to say but "boring".  The book is so slow and I didn't learn anything from it.  Don't waste your time.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
A journalist travels the world to trace the origins of our clothes
When journalist and traveler Kelsey Timmerman wanted to know where his clothes came from and who made them, he began a journey that would take him from Honduras to Bangladesh to Cambodia to China and back again. Where Am I Wearing? intimately describes the connection between impoverished garment workers' standards of living and the all-American material lifestyle. By introducing readers to the human element of globalization—the factory workers, their names, their families, and their way of life—Where Am I Wearing bridges the gap between global producers and consumers.

RATING - 1 STARS - I Hated It

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