Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review: The Man Who Loved Clowns by June Rae Wood


Often times I ask people what their favorite book is and what impact it had on them.  Several weeks ago, "The Man Who Loved Clowns" was mentioned and so I checked it out.  First of all, this is a preteen read, perfect for an upper elementary teacher to read to their classroom and discuss. 

This is a great story capturing joy, sorrow, and the struggles of growing up; cliques, judgement and acceptance.  This is an inspiring book and a great one to share with the next generation.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
Delrita likes being invisible. If no one notices her, then no one willnotice her uncle Punky either. Punky is a grown man with a child's mind. Delrita loves him dearly and can't stand people making fun of his Down's syndrome. But when tragedy strikes, Delrita's quiet life—and Punky's—are disrupted forever. Can she finally learn to trust others, for her own sake and Punky's? This story captures the joy and sorrow that come when we open our hearts to love.
Thirteen-year-old Delrita, whose unhappy life has caused her to hide from the world, loves her uncle Punky but sometimes feels ashamed of his behavior because he has Down's syndrome.
RATING - 4 STARS  - Loved It

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