Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: The Cypress House by Michael Kortya

The Cypress House was a very different book for me and I found it very interesting. Historical Fiction with supernatural mystery all mixed together in the form of a hurricane.  Mr. Koryta's writing style is conducive to reading for long stretches of time, although there were times when the story seemed very slow, much like time in history that it takes place.  It is suspenseful so hold on for the ride!

My thought right after completing the book was that men would really enjoy this novel, I'm not so sure about women, although I did like it.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
Arlen Wagner has an awful gift: he can see death in the eyes of men before it strikes. He's never wrong.
So when Arlen awakens on a train one hot Florida night and sees death's telltale sign in the eyes of his fellow passengers, he tries to warn them. Only 19-year-old Paul Brickhill believes him, and the two abandon the train, hoping to escape certain death. They continue south, but soon are stranded at The Cypress House—an isolated Gulf Coast boarding house run by the beautiful Rebecca Cady—directly in the path of an approaching hurricane.  It doesn't take Arlen and Paul long to realize that the storm isn't the only approaching danger—a much deadlier force controls the county and everyone living in it. But Paul refuses to abandon Rebecca to face the threat alone, and Arlen's eerie gift warns him that they'll never leave. From its chilling beginning to terrifying end.
RATING - 3 STARS  - I Liked It

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