Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond

Ree does a great job giving us a window into her romance with her "Marlboro Man".  A very honest account, one that at times reveals her weaknesses, doubts and insecurities as well as her learning what it means to truly love someone.  This is a fast read and one I enjoyed very much.  If you are looking for a light read, one that keeps your interest and is a sweet story - enjoy turning the page.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
That’s when I saw him—the cowboy—across the smoky room.
I’ll never forget that night. It was like a romance novel, an old Broadway musical, and a John Wayne Western rolled into one. Out for a quick drink with friends, I wasn’t looking to meet anyone, let alone a tall, rugged cowboy who lived on a cattle ranch miles away from my cultured, corporate hometown. But before I knew it, I’d been struck with a lightning bolt . . . and I was completely powerless to stop it.
This isn’t just my love story; it’s a universal tale of passion, romance, and all-encompassing love that sweeps us off our feet.
It’s the story of a cowboy. And Wranglers. And chaps. And the girl who fell in love with them.

Favorite Quotes:
"He taught me that when you love someone, you say it - and that when it comes to matters of the heart, games are for pimply sixteen-year olds."

"In my mind, I know this is all about....this is all about love."

"He was going to be my own private playground for the rest of my life.  I almost felt guilty, like it was taking something away from the world."

"Those Hallmark commercials weren't kidding.  A man holding a newborn baby is a beautiful thing to behold."

"It isn't about me anymore, I have a child."

"Denial is a powerful animal."

"There is no such thing as gradually breaking someones heart."

"The land of his embrace is a peaceful, restful, safe place."

"You know when you're not okay, but then someone asks if you're okay, and you say you're okay and act like you're okay, but then you start realizing you're not okay."

"Hearing the words, "I love you", is a fundamental human need, I would learn, as having a sense of direction in the dark".

"I loved it when he took charge.  It made my heart skip a beat, made me flushed and excited and thrilled."

"I cannot wait to marry you, he whispered, each word sending a thousand sparks to my toes.  I knew exactly what he meant.  He wasn't talking about wedding cake."

"God help me - I love that man."

"And then, just as I was beginning to reflect on the utter irony that a prairie fire may have just saved my eternal soul from burning in hell for a carnal sin."

"A wannabe strong, independent woman, I was continually surprised by how much I loved being swept, quite literally, off my feet."

RATING:  4 STARS - I Loved It!

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