Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Every woman dreams of a story such as this for their own lives.  Overall, I found the story to be very realistic when it came to how husband and wife drift apart after thirty years of marriage, from taking each other for granted.  On the other hand, the story was unrealistic when it came to Wilson's actions in attempt to become more romantic and right his wrongs as a husband. Wilson's character seemed somewhat flat for 3/4's of the novel, but in the end his emotion and love shined through.

If you are in need of a sweet love story, you will enjoy this read by Nicholas Sparks.

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
The wistful, reflective tone of Sparks's newest love story shines through in Wopat's competent telling, but his characterizations, particularly of the book's Southern-bred females, are hampered by the deep tenor of his voice and his accent-less approach. However, his portrayal of methodical attorney Wilson Lewis is spot on. Realizing for the first time that his "innocent neglect" has led his relationship with his wife of 30 years to become stale, Wilson decides to court her. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how or where to start. Enter Noah Calhoun, Wilson's sage-like father-in-law, whose picture-perfect romance is depicted in Sparks's 1996 debut, The Notebook. Wilson now lives in a home for the elderly and spends his days watching over a swan that he believes holds his late wife's spirit. With Noah's patient guidance, and with the wedding of Wilson's daughter fast approaching, Wilson learns how to be the husband his wife deserves.

 RATING 3 1/2 STARS - I Liked It

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