Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: Christmas with Tucker by Greg Kincaid

"Christmas with Tucker" is a cute story, and a nice read during the holidays.  At only 158 pages it is a fast read and easy to fit in between the Christmas preparations.  This is a warm, fuzzy book that will bring a smile to your face.  PS.  Love the dog.  I grew up with Irish Setters and loved Tuckers personality.  You just want to curl by the fire and love on him.
Merry Christmas!

SYNOPSIS by Barnes & Noble
The sleeper hit of 2008, A Dog Named Christmas became a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie a year later, seen by more than twelve million people in the United States alone. Now, in Christmas with Tucker, Greg Kincaid brings back one of that book’s most endearing characters, sharing the moving story of George, a young boy dealing with the loss of his father, and the dog that comes into his life to offer him hope and a touch of courage.
It is the winter of 1962, and Kansas is hit with one of the worst blizzards in its history. It is during this cruel season that twelve-year-old George is called upon to endure more than even most grown men could withstand—the death of his father and the upkeep of the family farm that is his legacy.
When his mother and sisters leave for Minnesota, George has only his grandparents and the companionship of Tucker, an Irish setter, to help him persevere through these most difficult challenges. Can he find the strength to walk the road that leads to healing, finding his true self and ultimately becoming a man? A coming-of-age story for readers of all ages, Christmas with Tucker is a classic Christmas story about a young man’s love for his dog, his family, and his farm.

"Knowing how the wrong attitude fits and feels is often the first step in recognizing a better one when it comes along."
"Sometimes the strongest people in the world are the ones who let go, so the rest of us can hang on."

 RATING 3 STARS - I Liked It

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